With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and a background deeply rooted in the early days of the Internet, I bring a wealth of diverse insights to the table. As the founder of multiple successful Companies and Ventures, including Feinripp Studios , snuggle dreamer, DryBun, NEOSITY, CALLME X and some more, I’ve cultivated a passion for innovation and business growth.

My expertise spans a range of crucial domains, from digital transformation and strategy to media and digital marketing. I’m well-versed in business development and corporate management, enabling me to drive impactful change in dynamic industries.

I am committed to actively supporting and advocating for neurodiversity in workplaces with our Project NEOSITY. Believing in the immense value that diverse perspectives bring, I strive to foster inclusive environments where everyone’s unique strengths are not only recognized but celebrated.

I take great pleasure in sharing my knowledge as a Speaker and Workshop Facilitator, addressing topics such as Entrepreneurship, Digital-Marketing, Sales Strategies, Performance Marketing, and fostering Innovation.

Let’s connect and explore new opportunities together!